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Dr. Smood

elevated nutrition

Dr. Smood
creative consultant, ux/ui design

An elevated and stylish approach to healthy food.

Final Dr. Smood homepage hero

The Levitate Foundry team approached me with a project for Dr. Smood in the spring of 2020. The brand had received structured guidelines from an outside agency but lacked critical components, such as UX/UI design and photography guidelines. The Dr. Smood team needed help putting their new brand guidelines into practice.

dr smood homepage wireframes
Low-fidelity wireframes of the initial Dr. Smood homepage design

In collaboration with the Levitate team, I began creating low-fidelity wireframes that featured value propositions based on what the Levitate brand managers believed would be key selling points for the brand. The most important thing for the Dr. Smood team was to be as transparent as possible by highlighting their product's supply chain traceability, ingredients, and nutritional value. The food's gourmet quality was another important message that the team wanted to make clear throughout the site.

Product detail pages were created to double as marketing landing pages for ads. These pages included additional information about a product's ingredient sourcing, organic certification status and recommended products.
image of dr smood's product page for matcha
Using color-coded badges like Chef's Favorite, Beauty, Energy and Health helped the team create collections of various products that address specific concerns.
Creating a detailed UI Kit was an important addition to the brand's guidelines and necessary for the development process.

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